GUEST POST: Contouring 101 by Remi Mayer

Today's post is definitely different from all my usual posts and it is also something that I've wanted to do for a long time. The idea of having a 'Guest Post' appearing on Reflection of Sanity has been lingering in my mind for the past couple of months. However, I didn't know where to start or who to ask and I know my blog is very who would even be remotely interested to spend their time to write here. So you can imagine my surprise and how happy I was when Remi reached out to me asking if I minded having her write a post for me. She's a student who loves beauty, fashion and writing however, she's doesn't have the time to run a full time blog. Instead, she offers to write guest post for blogs which she follows and love. Enjoy.....

Brace yourselves girls: Red carpet’s best kept beauty secret is finally available to all of us common women. Have you tried mastering the art of contouring, or do you still think of this idea as unreachable? If you haven’t already tested this flaw concealing and beauty accentuating technique, there is no better time than right now. There will be some beginner’s mistakes, long trials, and it will take some time. But fear not, ladies, once you learn the whys and the hows, it will be a picnic.

Fake it 'til you make it

I believe that every girl adores regular healthy skin look. But, let’s face it, we are not all blessed with flawless skin and Keira Knightley cheekbones, so we ordinary girls have to use a few tricks here and there. The question is, how to contour your face to achieve a natural look? The trick is that no one should know it is there in the first place. I myself know a few guys that would call us girls cheaters because of that, and if you hear a comment like that, just answer with a saying from THE MAN, Albert Einstein who explained to us how nature conceals her secrets, not because she’s a trickster, but because she’s sublime.

Steps to achieve natural look:
Step1: Light should be in the center and shadow on the edges: The middle of your face—forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones and the area under your eyes —should be brighter, for a more angular look. Use a darker concealer to create false shadows beneath the cheekbones, along your hairline, and along the sides of your nose.

Step2: Be subtle: Use two shades of foundation, one darker than your skin tone, and the other one lighter. The lighter shade goes on the middle of your face, and the deeper around, to frame the shape of your face. In the end, blend it all out with a big foundation brush.

Consistency in textures: Skin specialist from skin clinics in Penrith explained to me that healthy skin should have tiny peaks and valleys around the pores consistently throughout the face, which provides uniform appearance. It’s supposed to be like that with makeup too, don’t make it too smooth if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a porcelain mask, and also don’t combine different product textures.

Contouring your way to the red carpet

Every woman wants her moment to shine. Whether it is her birthday celebration, a wedding ceremony, or just a night out, a lady should have her own Hollywood glam from time to time. Even in this way of contouring, the purpose isn’t to look like you have a pile of makeup, but like you have some evening makeup on your naturally perfect face. The ultimate goal is to replace the fresh and flawless daytime look with dazzling and dramatic evening makeup. For a nighttime makeup, you should use the illusion of contouring a little more and use just a little darker shades of foundation, but don’t go overboard. The technique is essentially identical as the daily contouring, just add a little more accent on the sides of your jaw to give the face more sculpture. Combine contouring with red lipstick or smoky eyes.

Though the art of contouring might be used to achieve all kinds of different looks, you should stick to your face shape, and embellish your natural look, instead of creating “a new face”. Accentuate you natural beauty with silver screen tricks.

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