REVIEW: NYC HD Color Trio EyeShadow (791 Urban Spice)

Eyeshadows are an almost foreign territory for me. I love them but alas, the feeling is not mutual. I have tried every means possible to create the most beautiful eye makeup look on myself but I always ended up looking like...I don't even have words to describe how it is. Yes, it is so bad that I am lost for words. But it has not deterred me from purchasing them though, ohhhh noo, I would still buy them out of pure determination (or stupidity) and am completely convinced that one day in the not-so-close future, I will master the art of blending.

I walked by NYC shelves a couple of weeks ago and my eyes landed on NYC eyeshadow trio palettes. Trying to break away from my usual neutral tone, I decided to pick up 791 Urban Spice to try.

Without primer
With Urban Decay eyeshadow primer

The shades looked really pretty but unfortunately, it was not so upon application. The pigmentation is definitely poor and the dark emerald green is the worst culprit. Application is also messy because these eyeshadows are powdery and I need to apply A LOT for the colour to show up.

Forget about blending, if I thought I was horrid with blending before, I reached a new low with these eyeshadows. I felt like a 5 years old with crayons...actually scratch that, I think a 5 years old would have done a better job. This is mission impossible without the crazy-ass, couch jumping, Mr. Tom Cruise.

I have to admit that these eyeshadows worked better with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer but then again, every eyeshadow is brilliant with this primer. I could purchase a no name eyeshadow from a dodgy looking stall from the back alley for a penny and it would look fantastic with this primer. Now whether my eye lids would fall off due to the cheap back alley eyeshadow, that's a completely different story.

Bottom line, this costs me CAD 1.99 and the low price is obvious in the quality. It is terrible and I should have bought myself a packet of peanut butter M&M instead. Frankly, I rather spend a couple of dollars more and purchase Wet n Wild eyeshadows which has amazing quality. Sorry NYC, this was a complete flop for me.

What is your favourite budget eyeshadow palette? Do share about it!


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