Standard Gifts Just Don’t Work:
If you are stuck wondering what to get your girlfriend for her birthday, and end up buying a box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers or a pair of earrings, don’t be overly surprised if it is not received amazingly well. Women like to feel special and treasured, and showing such a lack of imagination might meant to her that you are not the warm, thoughtful and caring person you are hoping she will think you are. The problem is that no two young ladies are exactly the same, so sadly, there is no universal present that will make every single one of them out there happy, though there are some factors to keep in mind, when thinking of what is right. 

The Present Selection Process:
Whatever you end up choosing, the gift is supposed to show that you love that person, so it is important that it can be seen that you have put significant thought into what you select. This is for your girlfriend, so a present that has at least a hint of romance to it, is generally going to start proceedings off well, as is choosing something creative and unique, which a box of chocolates most definitely is not. If the answer doesn’t immediately spring to mind, don’t be scared to ask for some help from those that know better. Her mum probably knows her best, and you won’t do your long-term chances any damage by letting her know that you deeply care about her daughter. Her friends can also be a source of inspiration, so taking their ideas on board too can put you on the right track.

Things to Consider:
Most people have some hobbies and interests, and it will show you understand them well if you choose something that will be of benefit to them in that particular pastime, especially if it can make things easier or more fun. Your girlfriend is someone you should know pretty well yourself, so think if there is anything that she really dotes on. If she likes dolphins or kittens, think about something related, which helps her realise that you take notice of what she cares about. 

Some Ideas to Consider:
The following is by no means comprehensive, but might give you some ideas to get you going. A special day out can often work well, whether it be to a theme park, a spa for a beauty session, something crazy like skydiving if she enjoys adventure, or even just to the movies and maybe a restaurant for a nice meal. Quality jewellery is generally well received with a selection of unique silver bracelets or exciting bangles, or a monogrammed necklace showing thoughtfulness and a touch of romance. If you really care about her and you are sure she is the one for you, and you think she feels the same way about you, then the ultimate option of course is to go down on one knee and give her an engagement ring. 

Even if you are not that far along yet, whatever present you do decide to give, remember that a handwritten card to accompany the gift is almost as important as the gift itself. A personal message of love, showing that you really care, will go a very long way, even if you got the present slightly wrong.

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