BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Le Petit Marseillais

One would think that after living in Canada for almost 3 years and going through 2 winters, I would be accustomed to taking a relaxing bath but there are no signs of that happening anytime soon. I'm a shower girl at heart and will always be one.

Some might wonder, how does one relax and wind down in a shower because unlike bath where you just plop your body into the water and soak until you look like an old prune, shower is....well, just standing there and getting blasted by water. The key is to find a product that makes you smile and relax with the scent and transforms your skin to be smoother than a baby's bottom.

And just when I thought I had met my no.1 body wash (read here), Le Petit Marseillais came knocking on my shower door.

Le Petit Marseillais is a well known and trusted no. 1 French body wash brand that recently landed on Canada's shore. I was very kindly sent all five scents; Orange Blossom*, Lavender Honey*, White Peach & Nectarine*, Vanilla Milk* and finally, Cotton Milk & Poppy*.

Canadian Beauty, beauty, body care, body wash

Canadian Beauty, beauty, body care, body wash

Canadian Beauty, beauty, body care, body wash

I'm not even going lie, I am so in love with these! Not only is the ingredient list better than most (no sight of the evil SLS anywhere), they are also pH-neutral and will instantly transport you to an orchard filled with juicy and delicious fruits. The scents are spot on and I personally feel they are the most natural smelling body washes.

Lavender Honey* smells more prominently of honey than lavender which is the only disappointment that I have with the range but that's only because I am a huge fan of lavender scent. The others smell deliciously fruity and be prepared to be tempted to have a taste!

Despite the lack of SLS, these foam up beautifully thanks to ammonium laurel sulfate (usually derived from coconut) and what makes them more amazing is that they rinse off really quickly. I never have to stand forever in the shower trying to rinse off the foam out of my loofah!

It's easy to see why Le Petit Marseillais is hugely popular in France as the quality is amazing and my skin is left soft, smooth and just all around lovely using these. For the sensitive skin, don't worry as the brand has you covered too with Cotton Milk & Poppy Extra Gentle Formula*.

If you're wondering just how much I love and believe in these body washes and not just pulling words out of my arse, I have been recommending these to my customers too. Something as good as these should be shared and not kept to myself.

Fun fact: 
Le Petit Marseillais's iconic logo of a boy looking into the future is actually a picture drawn by the creator Bernard of his son, Cesar.

*Products marked with * were received for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own.  There is no place for any sort of BS here.
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