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I will start this post with a warning; some of you who are from my era (gosh, do I ever feel old...) will nod in agreement or maybe even groan and roll your eyes because it will be a walk down memory lane while others will probably exclaim 'damn, you are indeed old, Shireen...'. 

My history with the online world goes back far or you can make that very far. I was in my first year of college when I encountered my first computer, my parents insisted that I major in Computer Programming because it was the future, never mind my maths and anything number related sucked, I was to be enrolled into the future. I dropped out after my first year but it was there that I discovered the beautiful world ICQ (anyone else remember that?!), played my first game of Dungeon & Dragons but instead of graphic, I had to read and type key words to play (oh yea, it was ancient times) and finally, the cream of the crop, Friendster

I was not a part of the whole MySpace era (I was too busy getting shit faced in the clubs) but a work colleague somehow managed to convince me to create a Facebook account in 2007 so I could help him play a game called Mafia Wars. A game that 3 years down the road connected me to hubby dearest.

The online world is definitely fun and fascinating and who am I to say anything less than positive as I am now a blogger, but there is a much darker side to the world wide web. The one that not many seem to take note of or always dismiss as 'it won't happen to me'.

You, me and the millions if not billions of others who use the internet for pretty much everything these days are exposed to the risks of spam, scam, hackings and viruses. And I know that I am not the only one who was told or heard that MacBook users don't need an anti-virus which is true up to a point but despite all the built-in safety features by Apple, you must not forget users errors. PC users run a bigger risk and an anti-virus software is a highly recommended software to have installed.

Raise your hand if you have received emails claiming that you have purchased something or there is a suspicious activity through your PayPal, Apple App Store or bank and was asked to click on a link to verify. Or you clicked on a link that a friend sent to you through Facebook only to find out the account has been hacked and the link was some sort of virus. User error happens despite your best attempts at being careful.

I personally have been a user of both PCs (I went through three PCs in 4 years 😒) and finally settled on a MacBook Pro at the end of 2014 and it runs amazingly until today. I am not a stranger to anti-virus software and my go-to and trusted brand has always been AVG. It was the anti-virus software I installed back in Malaysia on all my PCs and is also what I use currently for my MacBook. 

AVG has been around ever since I can remember and it is highly recommended as one of the best free anti-virus softwares for both PCs and MacBook. You could easily Google about it and it has some of the best reviews by tech sites. There are upgraded versions where you pay a small fee for more protection options but I have always used the free version without any problems.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that AVG also offers Android anti-virus software but none for us iPhone users. Hubby dearest is an Android user so guess who will be downloading it soon with a not-so subtle nudge from wifey dearest?

The online world has expanded beyond anyone's imagination and while the experiences that we receive are normally 95% amazing, we should also consider taking necessary steps to protect ourselves from the dark side of the world. If you have senior generations who are not computer savvy, it's even more important to protect their devices from harm.

If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy anti-virus software for your PC, MacBook or Android then I highly recommend checking out AVG. It's a brand that I have long trusted and I hope you will love it as much as I do. 

Head over to to check out what options are best for your needs and if you're an Android user then click here to check out your options.

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