How I Layer My Sun Protections for Spring

Spring....I swear there was one time that I thought it would never arrive this year. Our Winter was horrid with thick snowfall not one, not two but five fucking times and each time the snow lasted for days if not weeks with no signs of the sun.

But that was yesterday's nightmare and today, my tulips are sprouting from the ground, the birds are chirping again and the bees are buzzing around freshly bloomed flowers. Yes, Spring is here and watching Little Tyke squeal in horror while trying to run away from spiders and bees is entertainment all in itself.

With Spring comes the sunshine and with that, it's time to up my sun protection. I have learned to wear sunscreen all year round (even though I never did back when I was living in Malaysia...oops!) but I only rely on moisturizer with SPF during Winter which is not enough for Spring.

So today I am sharing how I have been laying my sun protection now that the days are sunny and we are spending more time outdoors.

bloggers, bbloggersCA, canadian beauty, sunscreen, sun protection, skincare,

bloggers, bbloggersCA, canadian beauty, sunscreen, sun protection, skincare,

bloggers, bbloggersCA, canadian beauty, sunscreen, sun protection, skincare,

bloggers, bbloggersCA, canadian beauty, sunscreen, sun protection, skincare,

I have been wearing moisturizer with SPF throughout Winter and that habit continues into Spring and my current choice is this little gem from Avon. I can't state how much I adore Avon NutraEffect Radiance Day Cream*, not only does it come with SPF20 but it ishydrating and layers beautifully under makeup. 

The texture looks thick in the jar but surprisingly absorbs quickly without leaving any residue on the skin. Initially I was a little worried that it might not be hydrating enough for my skin but I couldn't be more wrong. 

I have been wearing this for almost a month and my skin is loving it. I didn't suffer any breakouts or clogged pores and on the contrary, I find my skin looking healthier with the addition of this day cream into my routine.

bloggers, bbloggersCA, canadian beauty, sunscreen, sun protection, skincare,

Naruko am+pm 10 Peptide Ultra-Light UV Lotion SPF30* is one of the best sunscreens that I have ever used. This sunscreen is filled with 10 peptides and has a very lightweight lotion texture without the strong sunscreen scent. Like honestly, what is there not to love?

Well because I love nit-picking at the smallest things, I do wish this came with a higher SPF. Naruko does have a similar sunscreen that comes with SPF50 however it doesn't state ultra-lightweight on the packaging so I'm not sure if the texture would be similar.

I wish I wasn't such an idiot to throw away the box without first taking a picture of the ingredient list but because I am, here's one that I borrowed from another site.

Source: here

Now, I'm not sure from a scientific stand point how true the whole anti-aging claims are and I'm also unsure how effective the peptides are in this sunscreen but I can attest that my skin looks better and better with daily usage of this sunscreen. I find my skin looking bright, radiant and believe me when I say, I didn't have any breakouts, not even one tiny spot throughout the whole months I used Naruko am+pm 10 Peptide Ultra-Light UV Lotion SPF30*.

Coincidence? Maybe but it sure as hell makes me wonder if this little tube was the cause of it.

BB Cream
bloggers, bbloggersCA, canadian beauty, sunscreen, sun protection, skincare,

I'm not sure about you but as soon as the sun starts shinning, the last thing I want is thick foundation on my skin. Despite the fact all my foundations are light both in coverage and texture, I still prefer tinted moisturizer or BB cream that comes with a decent SPF.

My recent choice? bareMineral Complexion Rescue that comes with SPF30.

I totally blame Leanne (say hello here) for this purchase because she raves about this all the time and she's right, it's a beautiful tinted moisturizer. The texture surprised me and is the thickest amongst all my base products but it blends into the skin leaving no residue, tackiness or heaviness. It offers a light-medium coverage, doesn't fade, oxidize or break me short, it's the perfect base product for Spring.

This routine has been my go-to every time I leave the house to run chores or to school with Little Tyke and I love that despite the layering, my skin doesn't feel heavy at all. Frankly I prefer layering my sun protection this way than relying solely on one product, how about you?

Do you change your sun protection routine for Spring? What's your favourite sunscreen?

Naruko Canada has very kindly provide a discount code for my readers. Enter 'BloggerCodeforShireen' and you will receive $10 discount when purchasing on Naruko Canada.

*Product marked with * was received for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here.
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