Current Makeup Routine: Embracing Imperfection

There is nothing more exciting for me than to receive a box of new makeup to play with...well that and a bunch of new ingredients to experiment and cook with. While I dare to admit that I am a pretty decent cook, makeup is a whole different playing field for me.

Last year was the peak of my makeup experimentation, I started dabbling with colour eyeshadows, perfectly drawn and filled in eyebrows, sharp winged liners but fast forward to today and I rarely wear a full face of makeup. And whenever I do, I have opted for less than the perfect look. 

Please tell me that I am not the only one who is tired of the over the top, super sharp contour, intense highlight, eyebrow and eyeliner on fleek trend?

Call me grungy...or I attempt to be.

So when I received a generous bunch of Rodial makeup in the mail; Smokey Eye Sculpt Eyeshadow Palette*, Smokey Eye Pen (Brown)*, Glow Pen* and Suede Lip (Big Apple)*, I knew I had the perfect selection for my current favourite go-to look.

canadianbeauty, bbloggers, bbloggersCA, beauty, MOTD, FOTD, Rodial

canadianbeauty, bbloggers, bbloggersCA, beauty, MOTD, FOTD, Rodial

canadianbeauty, bbloggers, bbloggersCA, beauty, MOTD, FOTD, Rodial

I start my base with Becca Backlight Primer Filter to add a touch of radiance to my skin as the rest of the makeup leans more towards messy, smokey and matte. My foundation of choice has been Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua mainly because it's the only foundation in my stash that has a satin finish while the others are dewy. It would come as no surprise that I use Real Technique Miracle Sponge* to apply my foundation. Yes, it might not be the best choice because the Chanel foundation is very light and watery but I love how it sheers out the foundation so it looks like skin on me.

Next I apply Rodial InstaGlam Glow* to the high point of my cheeks; a word of caution, apply and blend out one side of the cheek each time because while this liquid highlighter is out of this world stunning, it sets really quickly. I stopped highlighting my nose and cupid bow because...well, because why not? I don't have the prettiest nose so why would I want to bring attention to it and let's admit it, nose highlighting is lovely but 99% of the time it looks nasty because it's overdone.

To make myself look more human, a concealer is a must and I have been relying on my old trusty Maybelline FitMe. I apply a touch under my eye areas and a tiny dab at the sides of my nose where I get hormonal redness and once again blended out with Real Technique Miracle Sponge* and I set the concealer with my beloved Rouge Bunny Rouge Diaphanous Powder* (reviewed here). 

To stop myself from looking fresh out of the morgue, I apply a light layer of Too Faced Amazonian Clay Blush in shade Paaarty. I opted for a very natural blusher because the look is supposed to be effortless and as if 'I couldn't give an arse'.

canadianbeauty, bbloggers, bbloggersCA, beauty, MOTD, FOTD, Rodial

As for the eyes, I mixed shades 2 & 4 all over the lids, draw a thin line very close to my lashes with Rodial Smokey Eye Pen* and smudge it out by dipping Wayne Goss brush no. 5 into shades 5 & 6 and blend the liner upwards and later run the brush to my lower lash line. I then curl my lashes with Shu Uemura eyelash curler and apply 2-3 coats of Marc Jacobs mascara. The result is messy smokey eyes, giving the impression that I came home from the club at 5 am and slept without taking my makeup off.

As for my eyebrows I apply a coat of Essence Make Me Brow (not in picture because I forgot), filled in my eyebrows with shade 5 using Avon Oval brush* (I love this brush so much!) and finally another coat of Essence Make Me Brow.

And for the final touch, I apply a light layer of Rodial Suede Lips in shade Big Apple* and smudge it out with my finger.

canadianbeauty, bbloggers, bbloggersCA, beauty, MOTD, FOTD, Rodial

I'm not sure if I successfully pulled off what I deemed to be a 'I'm a rocker-grungy-chic wannabe' look but this has been my recent go-to makeup. It's everything the opposite of perfect but I have been embracing imperfections...I think sometimes it's refreshing to just let it be.

What has been your go-to makeup? Are you a perfectionist or do you accept that sometimes things just won't go according to plan?

*Products marked with * were received for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here. 

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