Monthly Favourites: Buh-Bye August

We all thought and have said it out loud...August has come and gone with Christmas is soon arriving. I might be stretching it with Christmas but at the rate that we're going, it does feel like reindeers and Father Christmas will be knocking on our door tomorrow. Ohh, and it doesn't help that Costco is already selling Christmas stuff?! Like dude, seriously?! 

Anyway, it's that time of the month, not that time when we females have to slap a pad in between our legs (you're welcome to that mental image...) but it's time for monthly favourites. 


I have been loving the natural eye look so Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette* (reviewed here) has dominated August and I paired it with Avon Ultra Luxury Eye Liner in shade Charcoal (reviewed here). As for the base, I am still obsessed with Hada Labo Air BB Cream paired with Benefit Sun Beam for the flawless, healthy and radiant look. The newest addition in my beauty arsenal is City Color HD Powder courtesy of ipsy and I can't get enough of it! I almost never use powder thanks to my dry skin but this HD powder leaves my skin feeling very smooth, soft and matte even after a sweaty yoga session. It's freaking amazing!


I have been obsessed, literally obsessed with this packet of potato crisps. Canadians can find it at Quality Food stores as these are made fresh in store everyday. We were told by an old man who was queuing with his wife at the checkout counter that these crisps are delicious so hubby politely bought one and I have been hooked on it ever since! I eat at least 2-3 packets a week and hubby regretted the day he ever listened to the darn old man's recommendation....


I have been getting really frustrated with yoga because I personally find videos from both Yoga with Adriene and Psyche Truth channels are no longer challenging for me. I needed the extra shove and push to get motivated again. The yoga class that I joined before Summer was also no longer challenging and I have decided to self-learn through Youtube. It might not be the best option but I figure it is best for me now until I can find the right class that I enjoy again. 

This is where Fightmaster Yoga comes in. Unlike many yoga channels on Youtube which require you to pay for the more advanced classes, Lesley depends on donations through PayPal. If you enjoy her classes and feel like donating then please do but there's zero pressure to do so. 

Her classes are very tough, the flow is quick and I wanted to give up on day 2 because I swear I was way over my head but my husband encouraged me to stay with it. He said, if I find it challenging then I am on the right level.

As you guys know, I'm currently doing #YogaFix90 challenge and have been loving it. The journey is very tough, my legs and arms are bruised but to be able to pull off some of the poses and to finish each video has been very rewarding. If you need the extra challenge to take your practise to the next level then I highly recommend checking out Fightmaster Yoga.

So that's it for my August favourites, it's a short one because I've been trialling lots of new products and haven't been watching many shows but I have a feeling next month will be better.

How was your August? Please share how your month went by! xx

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