REVIEW: JEALOUS BODY Grapeseed + Macadamia Coffee Scrub

Jealous Body Scrub

Jealous Body Scrub

Jealous Body Scrub

Jealous Body is back with a new range of body scrubs and this time, they have released a wider range and there is something for all skin types. I first reviewed their original body scrub (reviewed here) back in March and fell head over heels with it and it remains as a firm favourite until today.

So you can imagine how happy I was when I received the news that Jealous Body recently released a new range of body scrubs! I was kindly sent Grapeseed + Macadamia Coffee Scrub* (check here) which is meant for oily prone skin. I am dry skin so I was really worried how my skin would react to this and after using it for few weeks, I am ready to share my thoughts on it.

From the brand:

Because it’s tough enough to exfoliate your skin and gentle enough to help your oily prone skin by balancing oil production and treating acne.

-Coffee grounds stimulate blood flow which help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots,    varicose veins, psoriasis & acne.
-Brown sugar & sea salt exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin.
-Cold pressed 100% natural grapeseed oil tightens your skin and helps to treat your acne.
-Macadamia nut oil helps with anti aging of your skin and balances oil production.
-Vitamins (A& E) and minerals help to protect and repair your skin.

Upon first use I instantly noticed the differences between this scrub and the original as the coffee grounds are so much finer. The original scrub wasn't coarse but this updated, finer scrub is very gentle on the skin and sensitive skin lovelies will have no problems with this. Jealous Body pride themselves by using 100% natural products so the probability of your skin having a bad reaction is very low.

I used this scrub three times a week and it is safe to say that despite the fact this Grapeseed + Macadamia Coffee Scrub* is meant for oily skin, my dry skin has seriously been loving it. I do moisturize my skin after shower, it is a habit that I have since I was a child but I think I could get away without any either. Just like the original, this scrub left my skin feeling soft and smooth.

The application method remains the same, all I need is a couple handful and apply the scrub in circular motion on damp skin. I usually leave it on for only 5 minutes before washing it all off and my whole bathroom including myself would smell like a coffee shop. Yummylicious!

While I love this scrub, there are a few negatives and the first would be the mess this scrub makes. I have to clean the bathroom wall right after shower but I feel the fantastic result is worth the trouble. Next the packaging, I understand that it could be for lowering the cost and to be eco-friendly but it should at least be waterproof. And finally and most importantly, the new range of scrubs would be a huge no-no for anyone with nuts allergy. However anyone with nuts allergy has the option to try the original scrub so rest assured, Jealous Body has something for everyone.

I was blown away by the original scrub but it is safe to say that Grapeseed + Macadamia Coffee Scrub* has permanently dethroned it. It is slightly less oily than the original which is why I much prefer this. There has been so many scrubs that have come and gone from my bathroom but this will be a permanent staple in my shower routine.

If you have no allergy and don't mind a little effort to clean your bathroom walls after shower then I highly recommend this and I promise you won't regret it.

Jealous Body Grapeseed + Macadamia Coffee Scrub is retailing at CAD18.95 for 200g/7oz and they offer free delivery all across Canada and they also ship WORLDWIDE.

Click here to find out more about Jealous Body Scrub.

*I received this product for free but my thoughts and opinions are 100% unbiased, honest and my own. There is no place for any sort of BS here. 

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