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Ahh Monday...the most hated day of the week. I feel ya, mate so I've decided to share a little bit of love in hopes to bring a little ray of sunshine, smiles and unicorns to your heart today. Do excuse the cheesy title, I was pretty much brain dead and couldn't come up with something better. 

I've long been a huge fan of blog posts which share and promote other bloggers. Why you may wonder? Well, the blogging community has become so huge that it's almost impossible for us to know what's out there and there are so many great blogs and bloggers that went unnoticed because of this.

Today I'm sharing a few beauty and fashion related blogs that I visit almost everyday because they are honest, fun to interact with, informative and just a pleasure to read. Let me know if you like or hate this post so I know whether to make it a regular series or to trash it. And if you do like it then the next post will be non beauty/fashion related and so on, I think having a theme to the post would be a lovely idea.

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Vicky, the blogger behind VVNightingale is someone who I am proud to call a friend and the main person behind Reflection of Sanity's blog design. She's also one of the sweetest people you'll ever meet and she writes a little bit of everything. You can find great blogging tips & tricks, beauty, fashion, homeware and gift inspirations. What makes her blog special is there is something for everyone and not just for beauty lovers.

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She's real, she's passionate with a killer sense of humour and charming as hell. Ashley is one of the rare few beauty bloggers whom I know that doesn't give an arse about gaining followers. She blogs because she genuinely loves sharing her passion and has garnered faithful readers including myself.

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The person behind A Very Sweet Blog is indeed very sweet and one of the funniest ladies I've ever met in the blogsphere. Kim's reviews are short and on point but the best part is the way she doesn't sugar coat anything. If a product doesn't perform up to standard, she will tell you just that. It doesn't matter if it was a PR sample, you can always expect honesty from her.

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Hailing all the way from Germany, Linda is beauty blogger who isn't afraid of speaking her mind and I respect her for speaking up on the issue of breastfeeding (read here). She also shares healthy recipes and book reviews on her blog so there's a little bit of everything for everyone. The best thing I love about her? She's one of the most interactive bloggers that I know and a huge pleasure to chat with.

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No, I didn't turn into a crazy cat lady overnight and started obsessing over a cat blog. Feline Creatures is not 'just another' fashion blog, Lena writes beautifully and has the ability to transport her readers into her world. Not only her pictures and fashion sense are a pleasure to look at, her writing is like porn for the mind.

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I believe this blog doesn't need any introduction to most of us because she's one of the bigger players in the beauty blogging world. Gemma, the blogger behind this beautiful blog writes beauty reviews in great detail and also one of the sweetest and most humble people I've ever interacted with. I've heard horror stories about big bloggers being snotty but she's the complete opposite!
SIDE STORY: When she first commented on Reflection of Sanity, I had a fan girl moment and shrieked to my husband "OMG! One of the big bloggers posted a comment! She noticed my blog!" Okay, it was a little pathetic of me but I think we all had that moment before when we first started blogging...please don't tell me it's just me, like pretty please?

These are a small portion of my top favourite blogs which I visit almost everyday (I usually don't surf much on weekends) and please share who are your favourite bloggers?

ps: I will be taking a one week break from blogging because we're planning some lovely family time. Hubby dearest took some time off work so we are planning to spend more time outside. Recently I have been feeling a little burnt out from blogging and have been toying with the idea of pulling the plug. Little tyke is getting older and needs more attention and I'm honestly struggling to keep up with everything. Hopefully I'll come back refreshed after this little break... :-)

Wishing you lovelies a lovely Summer or Winter and I'll see you sometime next week! xx

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