October Favourites

So October has come and gone. I must admit that I personally felt October was gone in a blink of an eye. It has been a crazy busy month in the House of Platt, there were loads, loads, more loads (did I emphasize the word loads enough?) of cleaning, shopping, decorating our house, trying very hard to make it as cosy and homely as possible. We're almost done now, phew! There are still some little bits and pieces for us to search and purchase (arts/deco for washrooms, etc) but it's nothing major and we'll be taking our time with those.

October has not been a huge beauty products month. I wish I am one of those ladies who cleans and cooks while looking like a super model with perfect makeup and hair (hello Stepford wife!) but alas, I am every bit the opposite of that image. With my hair up in a bun, drool patches on my shoulders, screaming little tyke in my arms, the word sexy is the last thing in anyone's mind. You're welcome for that mental image and let's move on to the real topic for today, my October favourites.

I will admit that I am one of those people who can be a creature of habits. Once I take a huge liking to something, I will stick by it until it finishes. Frankly, it's not the best habit to have especially when I have tons of products to test but I somehow subconsciously always reached out for the ones I personally know will work wonders for me. It's terrible and I should give a fighting chance to the cluster of beauty products that are sitting not-so pretty on the bathroom shelves so...I have put away all my favourites into a bag, the naughty bag and kept it out of sight. I still glance longingly a couple of times a day (okay, maybe a couple x 10000) at the bag but with discipline and determination, I will prevail! And how's that for being melodramatic? 'The Bold & The Beautiful' has got nothing on this mama! And let us move on before I embarrass myself any further.

1. Almay Smart Shade SkintoneMatching Makeup SPF 15 (review here)
Is anyone surprise that this product made it to my October favourites? I guess not because I was gushing about this beauty like a lovelorn teenager. This has been my go-to every time when I need my skin to look better but I don't have 10 minutes to blend, blend and more blending. Quick and oh-so easy, this has been a permanent staple in my makeup routine. And yes, it was also the first product that went into the naughty bag. Le sigh...

2. StriVectin-SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles
This is a re-discovered item that has been sitting at the bottom of my makeup bag, left out of sight due to the move. One of the best eye cream that I have personally used and unfortunately, also the most expensive one. I remembered hubby dearest eyes almost popping out of the sockets when I purchased this but the good news is, it has lasted me a looonnggg time.
Effectively minimize whatever fine lines, dark circles, discolouration, come what may around my eyes, this rich texture eye cream lives up to all of its claims. It does not causes any irritation and milia to my eyes but do note that there have been reviews that this is not suitable for sensitive eyes.

3. Revlon Matte Balm in shade Standout (review here)
Another re-discovered item which I cannot stop using ever since we moved into our new home! Guaranteed quick and easy application with amazing colour payoff which last throughout the day, this has been my perfect autumn lipstick.

4. Maybelline HyperSharp Liner
This is a weird one for me. I have always love this liquid liner but I also have the worst luck with it as I never seems to get it right. More often than so, I ended up with wonky looking lines, no exaggerations here, I honestly kid you not but I still make the best out of it.
However, ever since moving to our new place, I had the best time with this liner, perfect lines for my eyes. The only reason I am able to come up with is due to the distance of the bathroom mirror, I managed to see and draw better. I cannot stuck my face almost right into the mirror anymore so I have to stand from a distance and draw which surprisingly turned out to be better for me. So yes, this liner from Maybelline with it's fine felt tip for precise application and almost glossy black (very black!) has been my absolute favourite in October...and another one into the naughty bag.

5. COVO Magnifying Mascara in shade Jet Black (review here)

Nope, no surprise here. I think all of you saw this coming 100 miles away. This mascara has been my absolute favourite, definitely one of the best I have used so far. This mascara is extremely black, gives great volume and best of all, holds the curl so it's not shocking when I tell you that I cannot get enough of it and yes, this too now sitting pretty in the naughty bag. Sob sob...

So there you go, the five products which I used the most in the whole October. What about yours? Do share as I love to know and discover new products to try! xx

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