A Bittersweet Weekend and a Peek into My Most Recent Beauty Haul

Today's post is slightly different from all my other post. It had been quite the bittersweet weekend for me. I woke up early Saturday morning to the news that my dad's best friend for more than 40 years has passed away. This news was devastating to my dad who also lost my grandpa and another close friend a few months ago. It was a triple blow....and I wish I was there to comfort him. Dad has never been a man of many words, he's also very old school as in we rarely saw any emotions from him but this time, I could feel him broken. He didn't managed to say his final goodbye to grandpa because he arrived the hospital a couple of hours too late and he was supposed to visit his best friend on Thursday this week but alas, he was a little too late, again.

It got me thinking, what if this happens to me? I am now living so far away, what if I failed to be there for the final moments of my love ones? It hurts me enough that I couldn't be there to comfort dad now, I would be beyond devastate if I didn't manage to say my good bye. Life is a funny thing, eh? As cliche as it sounds, we should really live every moment like it is our last because we never know what tomorrow brings. Sigh.....

I do apologize for being such a downer but enough with the bitter part of my weekend, let's go to the sweet. We decided to go on a little road trip to the next city, Nanaimo this weekend. It's only an hour away from where we live so it wasn't that far away. Nanaimo also has a way bigger mall which means better and more badass shopping spree. And oh boy, did I shop. I didn't take any pictures of the trip because one, I forgot the damn camera and two, we spent all our time in the mall. I posted a picture of my little haul on my Instagram and below is just a closer look at my splurge.

My first Lush haul (Floating Island, Butterball, Sex Bomb..I had to be a little naughty)

MAC Vegas Volt (shade NOT sold in Malaysia)

StriVectin Overnight Facial Resurfacing Serum (an exfoliating serum)

Rodial Super Acids x-treme 5% acid micro-scrub (facial scrub)

Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Facial Oil (another serum, yes I am a serum addict)

Nip+Fab Instant Radiance Wrinkle Fix (a moisturizer)

The Body Shop Red Musk Perfume Oil

The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cream

I haven't done a haul in the longest time so in a way, I am making up for lost...moments? There will be a long list of skincare reviews coming up so do look out for that. Do let me know which product review that you wish to see first so I will get to it as soon as possible.

On another note, I am still waiting to see my first snow! The weather forecast predicted some snow last week but there's still no sign of it yet so this mama is getting a wee bit impatient. Maybe I'll requested a trip up to Mount Washington....what do you think?

Hope you luvs had a great weekend and please share about it!


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