The Story of Pinks

Let me start this post with a confession...I hate pink, I hate the colour with a passion and I will be the first to admit that Hello Kitty and me will never be best friends. However, I don't judge anyone who is obsessed with Hello Kitty as we all have our vice and mine was (and I truly mean was!The Bold and the Beautiful. Don't ask, I can't explain myself. I'll go to the corner and hang my head down in shame now...

I think I only ever own one soft pale pink skirt which I have thrown away and not even one pair of pink shoes. There is just something about that colour that annoys me right down to my core but when it comes to makeup, it is a whole new different world.

Pink lipsticks has been a huge favourite for my day time looks. Whether I am wearing a full face makeup or just lipstick alone, I find myself reaching out for pink more than any other colours during the day. And I realized that I usually rotate between the three lipsticks below...

Maybelline New York ColorSensational Lipcolor, Hooked On Pink 065 (review here)
Okay, this is leaning more towards berry on me but nevertheless, it's a beautiful pinkish shade that is perfect for both day and night. I swear I used this almost every day for weeks which was something that I never do with lipsticks. I love it that much.

NYX Butter Gloss Peaches and Cream
I am mad, mad, MAD about this gloss! It ticks every single boxes for a gloss; pigmented, not sticky or gloppy and it taste like vanilla. I would smack my lips together all the time if I don't think it makes me look like some kind of a pervert but let's us not get there, shall we? It's a perfect soft pink when I am going for a minimalistic look and I don't want the focus to be on my lips.

MAC Impassioned
One of my last purchases before my 'No Beauty Buy' ban, this lipstick is absolutely gorgeous. A bright, almost neon pink lipstick that is not for the faint hearted. This is the one lipstick that I can easily rock paired with only eye liner and mascara. I don't even need a blusher on my face because this lipstick is so bright that it makes my face glow healthily!

Tips on MAC Impassioned:
If you're too worried about wearing an almost neon MAC Impassioned by itself then pair it with Peaches and Cream (I got the idea from Andrea of RosyChicc) on top of it for a beautiful softer look. Or you can use your finger to smudge the lipstick on your lips so it creates a softer muted colour on your lips.

Do you like pink lipsticks? What are your favourites? 

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