September Favourites

Summer has come and passed
The innocent can never last
wake me up when September ends...

I do love Green Day, I know they are not everyone's cup of tea and political views aside, I think they are a brilliant band. But seriously though, where on earth did September went?! I can't believe we're already in October, it seems only yesterday we approached September. Ugh, tick tock tick tock...I'm getting older with each tick and bloody tock of the clock.

It is no secret that the recent huge change of climate has wrecked major havoc on my skin. I wasn't kidding when I said my skin literally looked like it was about to peel off from my face so it will be no surprise that September favourites lean more towards skincare.

I do apologize for the lighting in all the pictures below, it was very late but it's also the only time I can take photos because little tyke is finally asleep and I can work a little. 

September favourites, my skin rescue kit.

I have been pretty vocal about my love Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream (review here) but I had no idea how amah-zing this cream actually is until it calmed my extremely dry skin. I was at lost and was close to tears when my usually good skin decided to go batshit crazy due to climate change, thankfully I packed this cream with my emergency vanity bag. I used it every night and within a week, my skin was back to normal.

I also recently rediscovered Josie Maran Argan Oil. For some strange reason I decided to pack this in my emergency vanity bag and thank goodness for this oil! I have been using this day and night (with Jurlique Herbal Recovery Night Cream) before moisturizer and it had helped to retain moisture in my skin. The texture of this oil is light and it absorbs quickly. All I needed is 4 drops of oil, warm it in between my palm and gently massage it into my face. For those of you who are worried about using oil for your face, fear not, this oil will not clog up your pores. On the contrary, this oil actually helps to smooth and brightens my face.

The sun was bright with clear blue sky on the first week we arrived here. And what surprises me most was how strong the sun felt on my face. Coming from a tropical country, I am no stranger to sunlight but the lack of clouds here means the sun hits the skin very harshly. Extra UV rays means I had to really start using sun protection and this is where L'Oreal UVPerfect SPF50++ (review here) came in for the rescue. The texture is light, non greasy and of course, I am grateful for the SPF50++ protection that it offers.

I wouldn't know what to do without Avon Anew Lip PlumpingLip Conditioner. This lip balm saved my lips from being painfully dry, cracked and peeling. This is an amazing lip balm and nothing hydrates my lips the way this does. The texture is like a lipstick and it glides very smoothly on the lips. However, do NOT purchase this for the purpose of plumping your lips because it does nothing like that whatsoever. I do wonder why Avon named this as a lip plumper though...but that foolishness aside, this is a brilliant product to moisturize your lips.

And lastly, I have been rocking and loving Revlon Love that Red (review here). I couldn't use any makeup for the first couple of weeks as I wanted my skin to heal and breath so this lipstick has been my saving grace from looking like a walking dead. It's a gorgeous bright red that brightens up my face and it has been used almost everyday in September.

I am also taking this opportunity to say I will be going MIA again for the next week or two as we are finally moving into our new home! We took possession of our home on 1 October so you can imagine how much cleaning, unpacking, moving and arranging that has to be done. Not looking forward to the huge mess and the loads of work but I am looking forward to finally settling into our home. It also gives everyone a mental breaks from all the brain farts that my posts aka sense of humour gives every now and then...

Till the next time I come back online, have a great and amazing weekend, luvs!

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