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It is no secret that I adore makeup these days but just not too long ago, actually barely a couple of years ago, makeup is almost a stranger to me. Let's just say I'm a late bloomer. While I do love getting all dolled up, every now and then I would strip everything back to basic. I can live without foundations, eyeshadows and even lipsticks (shocking, I know...) but these babies below are a MUST HAVEs for me.

While I do not have a severe case of dark circles, I do appreciate a good but light concealer to brighten up my under eye areas and this is where Garnier BB Eye Roll-On (review here) comes in handy. This concealer does an amazing job in concealing and brightening and for a very low price too. Most days I use this concealer alone without foundation and it is brilliant by itself. I even find that I could get away without powdering on top of this concealer but maybe it's just a small advantage us dry skin girls have.

The one product that I managed to hit pan is my Stila Convertible Colour which I have in the shade Petunia. My skin is quite sallow so on the days that I don't use a blusher, I look as if I have a run in with Casper. I appreciate the dewy rosy glow that this cream blusher gives me. The pigmentation is beautiful and the texture is soft, creamy, easily blendable and it lasted all day on my cheeks. This blusher also can be used on the lips which is extremely handy for days when I only have 5 minutes to make myself look as humanly as possible.

Now let us move to the eyes which is the one area I always put in the extra effort. I cannot be without my Shu Uemura eyelash curler. It fits my eye shape perfectly so there is no pinching and gives my stubborn as a mule eyelashes the most beautiful, natural curl.

If you follow my Instagram *coughfollow here cough* then you would notice I am a mascara hoarder. I have almost 10 mascaras in my rotation because I need one for every day of the week and more. But if I have to choose one mascara out of the many, then MAC Extended Play Gigablack Lash will be my choice. Why? Because this baby is super black, super intense, does not flake and it's the only one mascara that works for my tiny weeny, barely there lower lashes! Well, that and the fact it is also one of Lisa Eldridge's favourite mascara....

Last on the list is eye liner, oh what would I do without eye liners? First world problem, I know and shame on me. But all that aside, the one eye liner that actually made my eyes look bigger is Benefit They're Real Push-up liner. Now I know this eye liner has mixed reviews, some adored it and others just downright hated it and said it is gimmicky. This liner works beautifully for me. Now be forewarned that you will need some practice in getting used to this product, if you expect to instantly master it then you'll be sorely disappointed. It's a not a first impression kind of product if you get my drift. Practice and you'll be surprise how amazing this is.

That wraps up my beauty MUST HAVEs while it may not be much, these babies are something that can instantly transform my look within minutes. What are your beauty must haves? Do share!

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