Leather Jacket Yay or Nay?

Recently I have been seeing leather jackets all over the fashion blogsphere. I have recently been trying to revamp/rehaul/any-reason-to-shop my wardrobe and have also been trying (note key word: T-R-Y-I-N-G) to be more fashionable so I decided to hunt one down for myself. With autumn approaching fast, I desperately need something warm. On a side note, I thought autumn is all pretty colours and leaves, why no one told me about the bloody rain?!

So yesterday while we were out shopping for furniture and home appliances, we decided to venture into a shop to get me some warmer clothes and voila! there it was, the perfect leather jacket right in front of me calling out my name....

No, I didn't get a real leather. Faux or vegan leather is my way to go. ;-) 

Yay or Nay for this middle age momma?

Now I have been going around this store for some time and almost everything I tried on was a little large for me. I tried S/XS and still no luck in getting something that totally fit me. Why is everything so large?! Or is it a trend to wear something loose and I am completely missing the trend as usual....

So when I finally put on this leather jacket and it fit me so perfectly, I was over the moon! I swear I did a private little jiggle, yes, I was that excited. And then hubby dearest came up from behind me and pointed out....

"You know you're in the junior department, right...? Hello, middle age mother, remember?"

FML...seriously?! I took off the coat lightning fast but I still purchased it. So yes, this middle age momma is wearing something from the junior department but hush, no one else needs to know. It's a secret between you and me. ;-)

What do you think? Yay or nay for this jacket?

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