What's in My Bag?

I have been seeing quite a few of What's in My Bag posts popping up again recently so I have decided to jump on the bandwagon. I have always been a fan of these posts, it's interesting to see what others have in their bag, what is deemed as necessities...or maybe I am just too darn nosy. 

Shall we take a peek into my bag?

The one thing that I cannot be without other than my wallet and mobile is my Sony headphone. I use the public transport all the time and the level of noise drives me absolutely bonkers. I much rather get lost in my own world listening to music which explains why I nearly miss my stop a couple of times.

Ever since I started to take blogging seriously, I have a small notebook and pens (because one is not enough, sheesh Shireen!) with me at all time. I never know what might inspire me or if I discover something interesting. I could use notes in my iPhone but my fat fingers will not allow me to type fast. I have lost count how many times this bloody phone auto correct my typing anyway. I swear my brother once received a message about tampon from me. There were no words to describe my horror and I wanted to die of embarrassment. For now, I think I will go old school, pen and paper it is.

The only makeup I carry are lip products; lipsticks and a lip balm. The wet wipes is a MUST in my bag so I can easily remove my lipsticks completely before reapplying. The same goes for my Revlon mirror, wouldn't know what to do without it. I never touch up the rest of my face, never had the need to but then again, I guess it's a normal thing for dry skin girls like me. I have no idea why I have so many perfume samples in my bag though...I swear I don't stink! Well, at least I think I don't stink...

Other than that, I have my house keys, office drawer keys, office tag, hair clip, hand cream, eye drops, tooth picks (the square box), DayQuil (because I tend to catch a cold easily) and my reading glasses.

So there you go, all the little knick knacks in my bag, pretty boring huh? What do you have in your bag or what you cannot leave house without?

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