My Favourite Red Lipsticks

I am a long time huge fan of red lipsticks. There is just something about it that makes me instantly feel sexy. Never mind that I sometimes trip over myself and comes close to landing flat on my face while walking, having a red lips makes me feel like Pamela Anderson slow running across the beach, or in my case, falling.

 Looking at my *ahem!* very small lipsticks collection, I noticed there have been a selected few red lipsticks that I reach out more frequently than others. So here goes to the ever sensual red lips...
Red lipsticks

Red lipsticks

MAC Lady Danger
A stunning red with orange undertone that instantly brightens up my face. This is a matte lipstick that can be drying on my lips if I don't use a lip balm before applying it. I wear this with only mascara, barely there eye liner on my eyes and a flush of blusher and my look is complete. I personally feel smokey eyes will be too much with this lipstick.

MAC Relentlessly Red
This lipstick is red with a strong pink undertone. Under certain lighting, this lipstick tends to look pink on me and other times, a beautiful pinkish red. Love this with a winged eyeliner!

Revlon Matte Balm (Standout)
A very deep mauvey, wine red on me which I adore for dinners. The staying power of this balm is also amahhhzingggg! I could easily pair this lipstick with a smokey eyes for a classy look. And no, I do not end up looking like there is too much crap on my face...

Maybelline Are You Ready
This is a beautiful cherry red that is subtle enough for day time wear but also stunning for evening. This shade is definitely my favourite to be worn for office as it instantly gives my face a lovely flush of colour without using any other makeup.

And that is my short list of favourite red lipsticks but I have a feeling I will be discovering new favourites in the future. One red is not the same as other reds..unlike what hubby dearest think. ;-)

Do you like red lips? Do share so I can check it out too!


  1. As I recall, Pamela Anderson always bounced across the beach.
    I'm sorry, I didn't notice the colour of her lipstick...

  2. i love revlon for drugstore lippies. those lip balms are myfaves

    1. That makes the 2 of us. I am planning to check out Revlon Lustrous line next!

  3. [ Smiles ] The nice thing is: you have so many shades of red to choose from.

  4. I absolutely adore MAC's lady danger. Gorgeous!

  5. i love the look of reds, but i find it tricky for me to wear (i think pinks work better for me!)...still, i'm always trying to find one that works. love the maybelline shade here!

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    1. Hope you give MAC Ruby Woo a try as it's a red that suits all skin tone. Thank you for stopping by! xx


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