My Ever Growing Makeup Collection

..........and there's MORE COMING! 

I know, I know that this is not impressive in comparison to beauty junkie but bear in mind the fact until my birthday last year, I had 1 eyeliner, a couple of lipsticks, 1 foundation, 1 mascara and a blusher and zero makeup brush.

My makeup collection finally outgrew the silver makeup box that Kevin bought me and all my lips products have to be moved to their own box. I am a lipstick junkie! I have to smack myself in order to stop myself from buying lipstick every single time I go out. I also love mascara but hubby super frown on me splurging in it so I tend to behave better in dealing with my mascara addiction.

I rarely buy eyeshadow palette as they tend to be extremely pricey here but I do get it for special occasions such as my birthday. Hubby bought me Urban Decay Naked palette last year and I absolutely love it!

I know hubster will be getting me some lipsticks from Canada this trip so I think I might just start looking at new cream blushers to purchase. I absolutely love, love, LOVE Stila cream blushers so this might be the right time to start scouting for some new colours! LOL!

What are your makeup obsession?

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